Eternal-Life Man

There’s a sequence of scenes from the Avengers movie that I replay constantly in my head: Thor had just appeared and grabbed Loki from the plane as the Avengers were carrying him to a more secure location. Iron Man (who at the time had never met Thor) sets out after him, just after dropping his “I have a plan. Attack.” line to Captain America. Iron Man meets Thor on the ground in a forest-y, tree lined area. He rolls out a few insults, (“doth mother know you weareth her drapes?”) and naturally, a fight ensues. Iron Man lands Thor a few punches, but then Thor whirls Mjolnir (i.e. his hammer, for all ye non nerds) conjures lightning and blasts Iron Man with enough electricity to power a small country for a year. The iron suit crackles and sparks and Iron Man staggers and falls on one knee. I remember thinking nervously, “can the suit take that?” From inside the iron suit, we see Tony Stark wait for the damage assessment, he looks slightly unsure too. But then Jarvis’ voice comes from inside the suit, “Power at 400% capacity.”

My man, T. Stark, cockily tilts his head to the side and says, “How about that!”

I shouted so gleefully that my mom came into my room to find out what was going on.

One day, on one of my less happy days, the Holy Spirit reminded me of that scene. He reminded me that that was exactly how Eternal Life worked; that no matter how many blasts or bolts life throws my way, the power of the Eternal Life He has given, my operating system is ALWAYS functioning at 400% capacity!

Oh, what, you fell into sin? Power of Eternal Life functioning at 400% capacity!

No money in your bank account? Power of Eternal Life functioning at 400% capacity!

Symptoms in your body? Power of Eternal life functioning at 400% capacity!

No matter the situation, God will always ask you to disregard the physical circumstances and lean toward the Life that is in you. This Eternal Life in us is the same exact life that God has, the same exact life that He, the Almighty, self-existent One, is working with! Maybe think on this for a minute: you have the SAME, EXACT operating system as God! God will never allow you to see yourself as forsaken, guilty or defeated, He knows that the new life he has installed in your system is powerful enough to counter and withstand anything you have done or anything you are going through! When you are feeling ashamed, down or beaten, He is always saying, “See! The power within you is at 400% capacity!”  When you feel like you’re at the end of the rope, He is probably waving wildly and screaming, “Rise up, the power within you is at 400% capacity!”

Our role is to trust and insist and insist again on Eternal Life and all that God has done for us in the sacrifice of Jesus. The way we insist on Eternal Life is by continuously and consistently declaring all that His Word says about us until we see that Word literally manifest in our lives and situations!

So, the next time life whirls Mjolnir, conjures lightning and blasts you, even if you stagger and fall, in whatever position you are in, listen for God’s voice in your spirit, for He will most definitely speak from inside your ‘suit’ and say,  “Power at 400% capacity!”

Life may be tough, but you, my dear, are an Eternal-Life Man.


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