The Christ in Hollywood

Some Hollywood movies have such deep Christian themes. I am not talking about the obvious ones—- messianic figures and the power of love and sacrifice, no. I mean much deeper ones that seem a lot like revelation knowledge. I wonder if the writers/directors are aware of this. Every time I watch a superhero movie or read a comic, (the old school ones, not the ‘progressive, all inclusive’ hogwash they’re mostly putting out these days), I am always struck by the similarities those heroes have to the New Creation and always I am a little annoyed that they were not conceived by Christians in the first place! (You guys know that superman is basically Samson, right?!) These days, every time I watch a movie, I always look for those parallels, those nods, those unintentional but very accurate depictions of the Christ, salvation, the new creation and Christianity in general. I have gotten deep spiritual revelations and truths from the most unusual movies and TV shows, so much so that I decided to start a blog to share them! I had always thought that my spiritual life and my love for movies would never mix; how wrong I was!



2 thoughts on “The Christ in Hollywood

  1. I got the same thing – I think it’s God showing through in our humanity. No matter how twisted and removed from our source we tend to become, we can’t help expressing our origins (good conquers evil, sacrifice is painfully sweet and the Terra Hawks always come up tops…

    However, the game is changing and we have to transform ourselves, while remaining more the same…we must be aware that what we once took for granted may be in greater peril than even Super Samson can pull back from the brink.


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